Do It Anyway! Confidence Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

We spend a lot of our life living within our comfort zone.

We’re creatures of habit and we like to avoid anything that causes us pain, poses a potential risk, or makes us uncomfortable.

We even have sayings about the virtue of staying solidly within our comfort zone like “why fix it if it isn’t broken”.

  • But.. What if there are amazing things, experiences, and people out there, just outside our comfort zone that we’re missing out on?
  • But.. What if it isn’t nearly as scary to step out of our comfort zone as we thought?
  • But.. What if we’re missing out by staying safe and comfy?

As human beings we’re designed for personal growth and change. We adapt, survive, and make the best of it. Think about how far we’ve come as a society in the last 200 years. Our lives are barely recognizable. We can change. We can grow. And we most certainly can step out of our comfort zone.

Is it scary?

Sometimes painful?

Of course.

Growth always is. But it’s also well worth it.

Most of us a scared to try new stuff. Yet, anytime we make ourselves step out of or at least stretch our comfort zone a little, we feel great afterwards.

This ebook is about helping you get out of it a little more often. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and into the realm of possibility.

We start by taking a closer look at our comfort zone, how we create it, and why it is holding us back. Then we look at the realm of possibility and how it can help us step out of or at least stretch our comfort zone.

Last but not least we wrap things up with a lengthy chapter full of actionable tips and ideas to help you step out of your comfort zone and embrace this realm of possibility.

Ready to dive in and see where this journey will take you?